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Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon Tattoo Despite its simplicity, a semicolon tattoo hides a deep and personal meaning. In English grammar, the semicolon connects two closely related sentences. Honestly, writers use it liberally to emulate speech. During the course of their life, many people struggle to see themselves escape dark times. These people enter a spiral of depression that … The post Semicolon Tattoo appeared first on InkDoneRight.

Best Piercing Aftercare Product

Best Piercing Aftercare Product 2018 – Buyer’s Guide We have covered the ins and outs of tattoo aftercare products, but you might find yourself wondering what to use to clean piercings. Since we want to take care of anyone starting their foray into the body art world, we decided to focus on the best piercing … The post Best Piercing Aftercare Product appeared first on InkDoneRight.

Sports Tattoos by Steve Butcher

New Zealand’s Steve Butcher has found quite an impressive niche—he tattoos some of the best sports scenes you’ll ever see. Butcher clearly has a love of the NBA, with Kobe and the Lakers serving as […]

Tattooing at EXXXOTICA Chicago

Tattooing mixes with the skin business this week at Exxxotica Chicago, June 23rd-25th. The “Largest Event in the USA Dedicated to Love & Sex” has now added some slick ink. If you are in the […]

Model Awaits Surgery After Eyeball Tattoo Goes Extremely Wrong

She said she thought she could trust the artist to do the procedure properly.

Interview with Lucy O’Connell

Lucy O’Connell creates stunning tattoos filled with colour and personality at Red Tattoo and Piercing in Leeds, UK. We chat to  Lucy about her evolving style and inspirations… What made you want to become a tattoo artist? I started drawing tattoo designs for friends who were older than me when I was around 14. And through […]